Eternity Law International Franchise of Banking and Finance Academy

Franchise of Banking and Finance Academy

September 1, 2020

The Academy was founded 7+ years ago. The Academy currently has four privileged representatives (franchisee). The headquarters is located in India.

Banking and Finance Academy has been designed to meet the labor needs of the fast growing financial field in India. The Academy was founded by one of the most respectable educational institutions in India. It gains an unrivaled combination of experience in developing and implementing the latest educational program format and experience of specialists in the field of human resources development for the BSFI industry. Thus, it becomes the leader in the financial services market..

Services and intellectual products of the Academy:

  • preparation for passing exams in banking;
  • investigation of stock market strategies;
  • certified courses in preparation for the MBA exams and more.

A franchising is a method of products or services apportion which involves a franchisor and a franchisee:

  • Franchisor sets up the brand’s trade name/trademark and a business system,
  • Franchisee pay money for using franchisor’s name and system.

Franchise of Banking and Finance Academy:

How to become a franchisee?

Show interest in the offer, sign the relevant documents and pay the required fees.

What do we expect from a privileged representative?

The desire to turn an existing opportunity into a gold mine, to use your chance and abilities, starting to profit from this industry.

The company provides all kinds of business support during business and partnerships.

Advantages of doing business in India:

  1. Amount of employees
  2. Complex Tax System
  3. Favorable Laws
  4. Financial system in India
  5. Governmental assistance

Asking Price: On request

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