Swiss Asset Management Company for sale 

Swiss Asset Management Company for sale 

Swiss asset Management Company. This is a limited liability organization.

Location: the territory of the canton of Zug.

Business field: provision of licensed financial services to SROs (services related to asset management).

This offer includes the following:

  • Contribution that is made to the SRO in 2020
  • Payment for compliance services for the year
  • Office
  • Payment of bank accounts: one application per account possible (available only after ownership has been transferred)
  • Documents required for the transfer of ownership
  • Notary fees and fees intended to pay for the necessary changes to the commercial register

The company must provide the following papers:

  • SRO certificate
  • Financial and audit reports for several previous years
  • Guarantees that the company has no debt obligations (or any other obligations)
  • A document certifying that the company has a qualified employee who specializes in compliance services

Strengths of the offer

  • Confirmed SRO membership
  • The transfer of property rights is carried out many times faster than the procedure for registering a new company
  • Reasonable price

Activities that can be carried out with a license permit to conduct asset management

  1. The right to open and maintain bank accounts of various types from any world bank (US banks inclusive).
  2. The right to open sub-accounts for third parties to the trust agreement.
  3. The possibility of accepting and investing funds from the representation of third-party consumers.
  4. Provision of fiduciary services at the global level.
  5. Acquisition of private and commercial property in any country.
  6. Carry out activities as a holding organization for banking institutions, insurance companies, brokerage companies and others.
  7. Act as an individual.
  8. Have the authority to be an attorney.
  9. Perform activities as an agent, employee or officer.
  10. Ability to draw up and sign contracts.
  11. Create joint ventures and various agencies.
  12. Register in foreign countries.
  13. Trade in good faith.
  14. Provide guarantees.
  15. Carry out activities as a consultant.
  16. Fund stocks.
  17. Store patents.

However, to carry out some types of business activities, you may need to obtain an additional license.

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