Bank with license in Dominican Republic for Sale

A bank licensed to carry out professional activities in the Dominican Republic is for sale. The price of this company will be pretty comfortable for you!

This banking institution is in the process of obtaining a category A license. The procedure will be completed within one month, therefore, in a month (or even after a shorter period of time), the company will become a full-fledged licensed enterprise. The reason for the sale of the bank is that its shareholders no longer have sufficient working capital; therefore, they are forced to abandon the organization and transfer it to the new owner. Since the bank is brand new and has not yet started operations, its reputation and customer history are clean. All related documentation has been prepared in accordance with the applicable and currently valid regulations.

The company has no debt obligations and is not blacklisted. The organization can provide banking services of a general nature, in addition, services related to offshore operations, services related to the investment field, services for the exchange and preservation of currencies, as well as trust services. The license also implies permission to conduct transactions using online tools, that is, various applications and programs. This is very convenient, since in the modern world, almost all processes are digitalized. Online banking helps to save customer time and maximize the range of products provided.

Type of immovable object: banking institution

The status of the object specified in the offer: in the process of sale

Business package description: includes all assets and capital and reserve capital requirements

Location: Caribbean, Dominican Republic

For details: / Telegram @juliazhil

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