Eternity Law International Ready-made company in Croatia

Ready-made company in Croatia

April 7, 2020

What is included:

  • Ready-made company in Croatia,
  • Local bank account,
  • Legal address.

Cost: on request.

Croatia is one of the most popular Baltic countries for doing business because of its well-developed economic potential.

But, in order to open your own business in this state, you must obtain the mandatory approval of the authorities. Since 2012, special rules have been established in the country for businessmen with foreign investment.

An exception are residents of the European Union.

The main distinguishing features are:

  • increased threshold of minimum cash deposit;
  • Mandatory recruitment of at least 3 employees from the local population.

Despite these rules, annually foreign cash flows are consistently high, because Croatia is attractive to many entrepreneurs from different points of view.

The main advantages of these parts are considered to be the perfectly clean coastal landscapes of the Mediterranean region. It is for this reason that the state is afraid to sell real estate to foreign investors.


Many prosperous entrepreneurs rush to open an organization in Croatia due to the flexible conditions of fiscal service. The following are not subject to state tax:

  • interest payments on cash investments and possible loans;
  • profit derived from inheritance, donated real estate, acquired securities;
  • pensions from abroad.

Some call Croatia “offshore” due to the fact that there is no property tax, and a 20% rate is imposed on profits.

That is why here you can create a “sleeping private activity”, which provides for the ownership of real estate. But this condition must be prescribed in the statutory documents.

If it is right to file financial reports on time, pay taxes, registration fees, utility bills, state authorities will not have any complaints about business.

The consideration of each case averages 1 calendar month.

After the registration document is received, it is necessary to submit information about the enterprise to the tax service, statistical authorities, customs service and social insurance fund.

Our company provides quality service in the field of registration documents for opening a company in Croatia.

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