Chemical&Fertilizer Application Provider in the USA for sale

Chemical&Fertilizer Application Provider in the USA for sale

This Chemical&Fertilizer Application Provider is engaged in the production of agricultural products and chemicals. The firm specializes in providing aero processing services for regional businesses. In addition, the company provides soil application services and sells plant protection products and fertilizers to interested consumers.

Basic provisions

  • The company has been operating for over 50 years.
  • Reliable and purposeful team of specialists with extensive experience.
  • High probability of concluding repeat transactions with clients.
  • Additional sources of income: sales of products, survey and consulting services.

Opportunities for a new owner

  • Expansion of additional space for the use of new equipment and installation of hangars.
  • Adding additional lines for the production and supply of seeds and fertilizers.
  • Taking advantage of wholesale orders and incentive programs that can increase profits.

Head office location: Greater Amarillo region.

Markets served by the company: Areas of North Texas centered around West Amarillo.

Current Markets

  • The North Texas region centered around West Amarillo.

Real estate: the company operates at two sites. They are rented and owned by a third party. It is assumed that real estate is not included in the transaction.

Shareholder’s goal: the current owner has a desire to move away from the company’s activities. The shareholder is ready for transactions and cooperation with representatives of various structures.

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