The Company with a Money Service Operator License for sale

The company has existed for over two years. It was founded in Hong Kong and was later licensed to operate as the money services operator MSO. To date, the company has made all the relevant and necessary reports and statements that are required to be submitted to the representative offices of the regulatory authorities. In addition, a contract was signed regarding the lease of office space.

The company also uses the services of a legal support firm, particularly MSO Compliance. The firm will continue to work with the new owner and help him work with the regulatory authorities in the Hong Kong regions. This is necessary for the proper fulfillment of all relevant requirements of supervisory representatives, for the filing of the necessary reports and other documents.

Documents, in particular a license permit to carry out activities, AML documentation, etc., can be provided to the new owner after they have signed a special agreement on maintaining the confidentiality of information and its non-disclosure. The business is sold for the reason that this company has other licenses, which leads to the lack of operation of this particular company.

For communication, be sure to indicate the company you represent. This is due to high demand and a high level of sensitivity of the financial market.

Immovable property: for rent.

Support and training: provided.

A business project can be curated from home.

The location of the company is subject to change.

This offer is really in great demand so don’t lose your chance to buy it!

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