Operating International Bank in the USA for sale 

Operating International Bank in the USA for sale 

An Operating International Bank of international importance is offered for sale. It is located in Puerto Rico. The institution is licensed by IFE and has two correspondent partners. The bank is fully active in its operation, and its shareholders are interested in selling the company.

As far as Fedwire is concerned, it is worth noting that international banking institutions based in Puerto Rico are eligible to open an account with the US Federal Reserve. Once opened, this system will become a correspondent bank for you and will send and receive money transfers on your behalf. A bank is eligible for Fedwire after the institution has been in operation for 1 year and after it done an audit.

Puerto Rico is one of the leading offshore jurisdictions in the world. This jurisdiction is constantly evolving and growing, while other territories of the same purpose are in decline. For example, the Cayman Islands – a very popular for setting up offshore companies – have experienced losses of about 40%. Other states have lost several banks. In addition, Puerto Rico now has about 50 applications for licenses and permits to participate in sales, which confirms the reliability and respectability of this jurisdiction.

Reasons for the popularity of Puerto Rico:

  • The reputation is better comparing with other countries
  • The protection procedure is quite simple comparing with competitors
  • Ability to avoid high US FATCA amounts as this is the territory of the States
  • The rate for taxation of profits is 4%
  • The company has the opportunity to join the general banking system of the States through Fedwire, MasterCard, acquiring electronic commerce transactions and others
  • Non-application of the provisions in force for US holding groups and the possibility of admitting foreign shareholders

Since there are already 50 license applications in Puerto Rico in 2020, it will take more than a year to wait for your company to be approved. After that, you will need to spend another six months to create a banking institution and set it up for work. Moreover, this institution is completely ready for work.

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