Swiss AG for Sale

Swiss AG for Sale

Swiss AG for Sale. (with Phone Number, Website)The organization proposed for sale is Swiss AG that was listed and received official status, as well as a permit for professional activity quite recently.

Legal address of the entity: the Swiss city of Zug, which is the capital of the canton of Zug.

Swiss AG for Sale was established 1+ year ago

Paid up capital is currently 50 thousand Swiss francs.

Bank account: yes.

What is included in the package that is offered for sale:

  • Corporate documents (excellent condition).
  • Guarantee that there are no debts, open lawsuits, unresolved regulatory issues and other things that could unpleasantly “surprise” the future owner.
  • Paid legal address: prepayment was made for one year in advance in March 2020.
  • The contribution required by the Swiss Resident Nominee Director was paid for one year in advance in March 2020.
  • A ready-made Swiss telephone number, as well as a prepayment for one-year-services in advance, that was made in March 2020.
  • Automatic telephone exchange system.
  • Corporate web portal.

What else:

We represent licensed Swiss businesses, corporate and compliance services, and accounting. Our group develops platforms for the provision and maintenance of banking services, financial transactions and compliance auditing. We provide various professional solutions for bank accounts, and issue a residence permit in Switzerland if it is required and do much more.

Fundamental features of Swiss AG:

  • Confidentiality: no one will know who the shareholders of the firm are.
  • Owning business-projects from abroad is permitted. It is also permitted to elect foreign directors and provide services to foreign consumers.

Asking Price: On request

For details:  / Telegram @Alexandraa001

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