Offshore company in Belize

An offshore company in Belize is a very attractive option from this point of view, probably one of the favorites.

If only because the requirements for obtaining a license here are very loyal, and document management and submission of financial statements are not strictly regulated.

Do not think that the Belizean government has completely lost control of this area. There are certain points, and without compliance, doing business in the country will be impossible.

The Financial Services Market Regulatory Commission, the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC), is a regulator whose requirements cannot be circumvented.


To the final goal – obtaining a license, you will have to pass enough obstacles, and it is our company that will help to overcome them painlessly, quickly, and most importantly – competently.

The first thing to do is directly register this company. It should comply with the following points:

  1. A prerequisite is a completely new enterprise.
  2. Clear and transparent information about the beneficiary: the information must be very detailed and open to IFSC (you can be sure that from here it will not leak into free access, but will remain in a certain regulator file forever).
  3. The size of the authorized capital depends on the type of proposed license; this also entails a change in the cost of the annual extension and the company as a whole.
  4. The directors must be a citizen of Belize.
  5. The same prerequisite is the presence of a virtual head office.

In order for the company to comply with the above points, it is very important to correctly build the management and ownership structure so that it does not cause a share of doubt among the regulator.

Only then will the main “bonus” become available – the lack of control over the taxation of activities.

This is exactly what our company does. Understanding perfectly the essence of IFSC work, our client always starts negotiations with elaborated documents and a list of possible questions.

After the successful registration of the enterprise, the next stage begins – the collection of documents that must be submitted to IFSC to register the license.


So, in order to get a guaranteed positive result at this stage, it is necessary to prepare the following package of documents.

  1. A statement that such a company wants to obtain one or another license (compiled in a certain form).
  2. Full biography on the points indicated in the requirement (also on a special sample). Information about different officers may be required, but most definitely about the director and shareholders.
  3. Confirmation of payment of the state fee for the application (its submission and consideration). At the moment it is – 500 USD.
  4. The same confirmation of the annual license fee, the size of which depends on its type (from 2500 to 5000 USD).
  5. The amount of the Authorized Capital deposited with the Belize Bank for the entire license period depends on the license (from 25,000 to 100,000 USD).
  6. Specific documents that IFSC may require from the licensee. For example, confirmation of the professional compliance of the licensee, the integrity of the responsible persons of the company, etc.

Our company will help to understand all the nuances in tandem with Belizean partners.

If all documents are submitted in accordance with the requirements of IFSC, it remains only to wait for the decision of the Commission.

The expectation is from 30 to 90 days, it is impossible to name the exact date, since it depends on many components: the structure of the company, the type of its activity and the quality of the information provided.


Of course, the Belizean government is very loyal to the work of offshore companies, but still puts forward its requirements depending on the type of license.

To understand the requirements, you need to understand the basic types. Prices are further quoted in USD, license cost per year.

Asset protection (management and provision of services in this area). The authorized capital is 25,000.00, the license is 2,500.00.

The implementation of money transfers (Moneytransmissionservices) and the implementation of services at the box office (Paymentprocessingservices). Capital – 50,000.00, license – 2,500.00.

Forex activity. Authorized capital – 100,000.00, license – 5,000.00.

Securities trading activities have the same value, in particular, they are about% rates, futures, stocks, options, equity, margin differences, shares, Forex instruments.

Sale of securities and financial instruments at the expense of the client and his instructions Moneybrokerin. Equity 50,000.00, license – 2,500.00. A license for services for the provision of loans and credits, and registered capital cost the same.

Currency exchange. Capital – 75,000.00, license – 2,500.00.

Brokerage services: 25,000.00 and 2,500.00, respectively.

As already mentioned, the waiting time for its receipt and the steadfast attention on the part of IFSC to compliance with the working conditions depend on the type of license. Although theoretically the conditions are the same for everyone.

Specialists of Eternity Law International will provide you with professional services in full legal support, selection of documents and we will provide advice on this issue.

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