Money Broking License in Labuan for sale

Pros and characteristics of obtaining a money broking license permit to conduct brokerage activities

  • Low income tax rate, which is 3%.
  • Dividends and interest income are not taxed.
  • Fees due for the services of foreign directors are 100% exempt from tax.
  • Ability to be located in Malaysia and manage your business from there.

Basic provisions regarding this transaction and this offer

  1. The company was registered more than 4 years ago.
  2. The capital required is about 190 thousand dollars.
  3. The company has a physical office space on the local site.
  4. The company uses special operating systems in its work.
  5. The company’s team consists of two directors, two shareholders have their own shares in the company’s capital, and in addition, the firm has one compliance strategy specialist who is a local resident.
  6. The enterprise employs the services of an independent audit specialist and the services of a professional liquidator.
  7. Information about the client base is clean and transparent; in addition, the company has no unresolved legal issues or such ones that are in the process of solving.
  8. All operating costs will be borne by the potential buyer (from the date of the contract).

The company requires a little more than 12 thousand dollars monthly for its service. This includes local representation and office costs.

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