US International Banks for sale

US International Banks for Sale

We offer for sale two international banking institutions located in the United States, in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is one of the most popular jurisdictions for international banking companies, while competition on this island also remains very high. The state has already received more than 60 applications for new licensing permits. The acquisition of a banking institution under the jurisdiction of this state is one of the most effective ways to move your business forward. In addition, this path is also the shortest.

The amount of capital that will be required to conclude a deal depends entirely on the model of your business project. You should familiarize yourself with the provisions of the Starting Capital Requirements established in Puerto Rico for international banks. For example, if you are going to issue loans in your bank or store volatile assets, then it will be more difficult to deal with the initial capital. If you have a transaction bank under your control, then all issues related to capital will be quite simple to settle.

In order to acquire an international bank in Puerto Rico, you need to follow the next few steps.

  1. Draw up a business and compliance plan.
  2. Create a board of directors of the company.
  3. Conduct open negotiations.
  4. Sign the LOI and then make an escrow, which will block the sale.
  5. Conduct an audit of the banking institution and the accounting books that are on its balance sheet.
  6. Make a final agreement.
  7. Convert the remaining amount into an escrow.
  8. Send to the commission of the banking institution a statement regarding the change of manager.
  9. Meet with regulatory and regulatory authorities to provide them with a developed business plan, project development strategies and staff.
  10. Settle the terms of the license authorization with an empowered representative.
  11. Obtain an affirmative decision on the change of control from the relevant authority.
  12. The deal is closed.

The potential buyer will be selected based on the conditions that the buyer will set, the speed at which the deal can be closed, and the desired price. Another key factor will be the buyer’s citizenship. In addition, all members of the new team will be required to undergo compliance verification, which will include verification of personal data by an independent party and more. All persons of an official and managerial character, as well as shareholders, will be required to go through the compliance procedure.

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