IT company with 5 products For Sale

The interested buyer is invited to purchase five specialized computer systems that are used in the logistics and distribution areas. Large enterprises of small and medium business work with these systems.

The systems have been in use for over 40 years. They have earned a good reputation for being a modern technological solution. The systems have already been tested in the market, and their conversion rate is approximately 90%. They compete with the products of larger enterprises. For personal reasons, the owner of the company (aka its founder) sold systems only in the Houston market. However, there are tremendous opportunities to expand the boundaries of business and increase the area of ​​influence.

These systems can run on any of the operating systems: WINDOWS, LINUX, UNIX, MAC OS X and others. The product can be easily configured for SaaS operations; however, this is not currently available because the owner has found that many entrepreneurs do not want such systems to spiral out of their control. Therefore, one of the requirements of the seller is the mandatory acquaintance of the potential buyer with the demonstration of the systems.

Providing support and training: the seller is ready to train and support the new owner for half a year.

The business project can be easily moved.

Asking Price: On request

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