Included in cost:

  1. Company registration and government fees
  2. Legal address and virtual office for 1 year
  3. Registration of the electronic signature of the director
  4. Company stamp and Serbian phone number
  5. Вank account in a Serbian bank
  6. Personal visit – 3 days

Price: 3250€

Registration of a new company in Serbia with a bank account with no personal visit

  1. Company registration by proxy;
  2. Вank account by proxy;
  3. Term – 2 weeks.

Price: 4350€

Bank account opening in Serbia for non-residents:

  1. Accounts for European companies, UK LTD, partnerships etc;
  2. It is possible to open a bank account by proxy, with no physical presence;
  3. Deposit guarantee 50 000 Euro;
  4. Term – 2 weeks.

Price: 3950€

Advantages of doing business in Serbia:

  1. Does not fall under the automatic exchange of tax information;
  2. No visa required for Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine citizens;
  3. Dividend and corporate tax rates are 15% each;
  4. The prospect of Serbia joining the EU.

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