Commercial Furniture Manufacturing for sale

Commercial Furniture Manufacturing for sale

This Commercial Furniture Manufacturing, which is being offered for sale, was founded more than twenty years ago in the Eastern Pennsylvania region. During this time, the company was able to collect an impressive portfolio of orders and assets. The main specialization of the company is the manufacture of office furniture for distributors, who are directly involved in the sale of equipment for office premises of various classes throughout the country. The company’s products include administrative and reception-type stations, tables for conferences and meetings, products for storing various items and storage for personal belongings.

The sales of this commercial enterprise are growing every year. The company’s qualified team includes six professional project engineers, 24 shop floor employees, an accountant and three employees who work in the purchasing and customer service department. In addition, the company employs several sales representatives. Currently, the company is run by a president and vice president.

The facility covers an area of ​​approximately 30,000 square feet. The furniture that is made for sale is made from wood, metal, stone and glass, giving consumers a wide variety of options. This way, they can find exactly what they need for their office. The company has established strong partnerships with local distributors. This, in turn, is an invaluable asset for the firm. The expansion of the company into New York and Boston can be achieved by recruiting new employees and increasing the number of dealers.

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