Citizenship by Territorial Origin

Citizenship by territorial origin. The Ukrainian law “On Citizenship” in Article 8 states that a person has the opportunity to become a citizen of Ukraine if:

  • person, close relative: parents, grandfather, grandmother, sister, brother, any of the children, grandchildren were born before 08.24.1991. Or had a permanent residence permit on the territory of Ukraine according to the law;
  • a person who was born or has a permanent residence permit, his closest relatives. Parents, grandfather, grandmother, sister, brother, who have a permanent residence permit on lands that were previously part of the UPR (Ukrainian People’s Republic), ZUNR (Western Ukrainian People’s Republic), Ukrainian SSR, Transcarpathian region of Ukraine. Citizenship or not. Who has submitted a renunciation of citizenship of another country and who wrote about the desire to become a citizen of Ukraine. Children who have not reached the age of majority can also become citizens of Ukraine.

Foreigners holding citizenship of several states are required to renounce their citizenships.

Citizens of other countries who have acquired the status of a refugee or received asylum in the Ukrainian state can replace the compulsory termination of citizenship of a foreign power by filing a declaration where they inform that they renounce their citizenship.

  1. A baby born in the Ukrainian SSR or having a permanent residence permit, parents, parents of the latter were born in Ukraine, had a permanent residence permit on the land of the Ukrainian SSR, they did not have citizenship; a foreigner, he must be deprived of his existing passport, can be registered as a citizen of Ukraine. For this, parents, guardians of the child, trustees must submit an application to the registration authorities.
  2. Children whose date of birth in Ukraine is after 08.24.1991, but they did not become its citizens, do not have citizenship or foreigners, they need to give up their previous passports, in Ukraine will be registered as its citizens. For this, one of the legally authorized children must submit a petition.
  3. Foreigners, which were discussed in the first three parts of our article, who submitted an application in which they renounce their citizenship, are required to report this fact with documentary evidence. It must be issued by an authorized organization of a specific country, and a similar organization of Ukraine, within a period of up to two years from the time when the documents were registered, must provide a passport of Ukraine. If all the grounds exist, and the citizens were unable to obtain a passport for reasons beyond their control, the persons must submit a declaration that they refuse the passport of another country.
  4. It is not necessary to present evidence of a person’s refusal of a passport of another country if they are citizens of countries that have provided for the automatic loss of citizenship of their state by a person. Simultaneously, a person acquires such a passport from another power. If Ukraine has previously concluded international contracts with other countries, and their citizens are foreigners, it is envisaged to deprive other states of citizenship and possibly simultaneously acquire a Ukrainian passport. These are people with the assignment of their status as refugees in Ukraine, they received asylum, or people who do not have a passport.
  5. The date that is considered the beginning of the status of a citizen of Ukraine, in the cases considered above, is the time when the person registered and received a passport.
  6. Having received nationality of countries, providing a declaration that he has refused a passport of a foreign state, a person returns his previous document to a specially created authorized body of this country. Such requirements for the need to return a document from a foreign country do not apply to persons if they are considered refugees in Ukraine or have acquired asylum.


In order to obtain the citizenship of Ukraine on a territorial basis, you should provide to specially created organizations:

  1. A document confirming that a person was born before 08.24.1991, had a permanent residence permit or his closest relatives: parents, parents of the latter, were born and had a permanent residence permit on Ukrainian territory in accordance with the Ukrainian Law “On the Succession Law of Ukraine”.
  2. Petition of parents dealing with the issue of obtaining citizenship on a territorial basis for permission to receive citizenship for children who have not reached the age of majority.
  3. The statement that the child is a citizen of another country or does not have citizenship at all, but at least one of his parents, a Ukrainian citizen, or he has permission to permanently reside in Ukraine. Perhaps the grandmother, grandfather had a permanent residence permit or were born in the Ukrainian state before 08.24.1991 – according to the State Law “On the Succession Law of Ukraine”.
  4. Birth certificates of their children after 08.24.1991 in Ukraine, but they did not become citizens, do not have citizenship or are considered subjects of another country.

Reasons for refusing to grant citizenship

There are several grounds for refusing to obtain Ukrainian citizenship. These include:

  1. the collected documents do not meet the requirements of state legislation;
  2. not the entire package of required documents has been presented.

When registering citizenship of the Ukrainian state, our company provides clients with the following services:

  1. legal advice on the issues of how citizenship is formalized according to the territorial affiliation of the state of Ukraine;
  2. writes an application for the acquisition of a passport of Ukraine on a territorial basis;
  3. collects the required package of documentation so that the client can become a citizen of Ukraine;
  4. protects the interests of customers and provides full support for the entire process of obtaining a passport;
  5. provides assistance to speed up the process of familiarization with the documents for registration on the basis of the territorial basis of citizenship of Ukraine.

To regulate the process when registering citizenship of Ukraine, the requirements described in the relevant Laws are taken into account:

  1. in the Law of the country “On Citizenship of Ukraine”;
  2. in the decree of the Ukrainian President of March 27, 2001 under number 215 on issues related to the specifics of the implementation of the law “On Citizenship of Ukraine”.

In addition, the specialists of Eternity Law International additionally provide a number of other services:

  1. produces an apostille of all collected documents;
  2. draws up a police clearance certificate;
  3. helps to correct inaccuracies in registry office documents;
  4. registers registration in Kiev and Kiev region;
  5. draws up medical insurance for citizens of other countries.

For advice and detailed information, you should contact our company. We can help you with the collection and execution of the required documents. Provide support for the entire registration procedure. This is done transparently with a 100% positive result guarantee.

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