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Obtaining the citizenship of Dominica

June 10, 2020

Obtaining citizenship of Dominica is an excellent choice for anyone who thinks about obtaining another citizenship easily and without exorbitant costs.

To find out the details of the conditions for its registration, as well as to get reviews of citizenship holders, read the article.

If you want to understand what citizenship is for investment, what are its advantages for the development of your business and why it is worth choosing Dominica, carefully study all the information below.

Obtaining citizenship of Dominica: 10 FACTS TO IMPORTANT TO KNOW

Most likely, you have heard about a country like Dominica more than once, but you hardly have any idea where this small islet is covered with greenery, and even more so because of its importance and attractiveness to investors from abroad.

Today, many self-respecting investors have a passport and citizenship of Dominica, in order to guarantee profitable international business relations and freedom of movement.

Below in the article you will find all the answers to the most popular questions, how to apply for Dominican citizenship and what to do with it later.

1 – Where to look for Dominica on the world map?

Southeast of North America is the Caribbean region, part of which is a small island of Dominica.

It is located west of the Atlantic Ocean and east of the Caribbean. Neighboring in the north with the French island of Guadeloupe, in the south with about. Martinique.

2 – Has the opportunity to obtain investment citizenship of Dominica long been available?

The history of the Dominica investment citizenship program began back in 1993.

Then officials of the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica approved this method of attracting investment, guided by Art. 101 of the national law on immigration and citizenship.

The program provides for the formation of a citizen of Dominica as soon as possible by any foreigner who has fulfilled all the requirements recorded in the document.

3 – Who can get Dominica investment citizenship?

Applicants who wish to obtain a passport and Dominican citizenship have a number of requirements:

  • the applicant must be at least 18 years old at the time of the application (the rule does not apply to the applicant’s dependents, if any are included in the application);
  • Applicant’s dependent children must be at least 30 years old;
  • Dependent parents cannot be younger than 55;
  • the applicant himself and his dependents, prescribed in the application, must never violate the laws in all resident countries before;
  • neither the applicant nor his dependents can be seriously ill or contagious.

4 – Which country resident cannot apply for paid citizenship of Dominica?

For the population of several countries, the authorities of Dominica imposed restrictions. These include those who have passports of North Korea, Sudan and Iran.

The population of these countries can apply for investment residence of Dominica only if certain additional requirements are met:

  • the applicant must reside permanently outside any country on the list for at least 10 years;
  • he should not have significant monetary assets in these countries;
  • an investor does not have the right to conduct business and any other financial activities in the territory of prohibited countries.

In connection with the growing popularity of investment citizenship and the exacerbation of international conflicts, it is likely that the black list will expand.

Contact our specialists to get an individual consultation regarding your situation, rights and opportunities.

5 – At what minimum investment can you become a legitimate citizen of Dominica?

The types of asset transfers depend on two factors: your goals and investment opportunities. There are two ways to choose from.

  1. Donate $ 100,000 to the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF).
  2. Invest at least $ 200,000 in state-owned real estate projects. An asset cannot be removed from circulation for at least 5 years.

Please note that applying for citizenship of Dominica on your own will not work. To do this, you will have to resort to the services of immigration agencies that have the appropriate license.

Therefore, in addition to the investments themselves from $ 100,000, you will have to pay another state. duties and services of intermediaries.

6 – Which countries allow citizens of Dominica to enter their territory without a visa?

With such a passport, you can safely cross borders in nearly one and a half hundred countries.

These include all the states of the Schengen zone, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Great Britain, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. Most likely, China will also provide such an opportunity in the near future – negotiations are already underway.

7 – During a pandemic, is it possible to apply for a passport?

The authorities of Dominica did not suspend the citizenship program for money, but took into account the circumstances caused by the raging COVID-19.

In this regard, everyone can post documents of their intentions on the official portal of the Government of Dominica. You can obtain investment citizenship, being on self-isolation.

8 – Does obtaining citizenship require a language exam?

From those who want to become a resident for investment, the state does not require any proof of language proficiency.

But, since the official language in Dominica is English, its knowledge will not be superfluous.

9 – After how long can I get my hands on Dominica’s passport?

The authorities are interested in investors, so they make a decision and issue documents as soon as possible.

First, you conclude an official contract for the provision of services with an immigration agent who will immediately give you a list of necessary documents and help you complete everything, including the application itself.

Then a full package of documents will be sent to a special department under the Government of Dominica. If everything is filled out correctly and the candidate does not fall under the forbidden criteria, within six months he receives his passport.

10 – Is it important to stay in the country after obtaining citizenship of Dominica?

For many countries that allow obtaining citizenship for money, it is fundamentally important that the candidate visits his potential homeland before completing documents, or he lives a certain period after the application is approved.

Dominica is an exception to the rule. It does not require investors to live in the territory or visit it in principle.

Dominica investment citizenship – as a conclusion

If you dream of complete freedom of movement between most countries of the world, including the EU and the UK, if it is extremely important for you to ensure your children the right to choose where they will study and work, apply for Dominica’s investment citizenship.

Dominica herself, being in the Caribbean, is ready to surprise you with unprecedented beauty and exemplary investment laws.

She is ready to help any investors from the countries of the former Soviet Union to live without worries, abstracting from unstable situations of politics, economics, and the social sphere in her homeland.

The accounting department of the company must compile quarterly, annual financial reports and provide declarations to the tax service. Contact us for more information.

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