Transportation Logistics Market Research Firm for sale

This transportation firm acts as a consulting and research company, which specializes in collecting and providing information about a particular market niche, as well as in conducting continuous quantitative research. The company is one of the best representatives of its industry in meeting the information needs that arise from firms involved in expedited shipping and dispatch of goods. The company conducts surveys according to the identified needs, then collects data, conducts individual research and provides consulting services to those firms that are trying to attract new customers and partners, as well as to maximize the benefits of the resulting growth opportunities in the international market.

Basic information

  • The company has personally developed methods for collecting data.
  • Adjusted EBITDA margin of 55%.
  • The company has established strong relationships with customers and contracts concluded for many years with leading enterprises.
  • Experienced and professional team of employees with extensive experience.
  • Unique business model.
  • The company is highly regarded in the relevant business environment.
  • Accredited and approved professional practices.
  • Opportunities for the future owner
  • Increase sales and improve marketing strategies in order to expand your customer base.
  • Use existing machinery and innovations.
  • Introduce consulting services for traffic accident litigation, market audits, and more.
  • Take advantage of existing relationships with the administrations of other states.
  • Expand the package of services.

Head Office Location: Southeast Region

Market: the company works with the transportation industry and serves customers in the United States and other international markets.

Immovable property: the company rents premises of 9730 sq. feet that can be extended. The business project can be moved.

Shareholders’ goal: The owner of the company wants to go out of business completely based on personal interests and the proximity of retirement age. At this particular stage, it will be easier for new owners to join the new business stream.

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