Cryptocurrency company in Estonia For Sale

Cryptocurrency company in Estonia For Sale


Cryptocurrency company in Estonia for sale. This sale offer provides a potential buyer with the opportunity to legally engage in the sale, exchange and storage of digital currencies in the future. This right passes to the new owner along with the license held by the company.

Main provisions of the proposal

  • The company is registered under the jurisdiction of the European Union.
  • The company has two licensing permits, which are admission to conduct cryptocurrency transactions in the following areas – exchange manipulation and wallet services.
  • AML / KYC operations are available. They are officially approved by the relevant bank and confirmed by the representative of the supervisory institution.
  • There are no debts.
  • There are no current or past, as well as unresolved cases.
  • Excellent reputation.
  • 100% readiness to transfer to the ownership of another owner.

The main licensed activity of the company is the exchange of fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies, as well as in the opposite direction. Both parties benefit from such transactions, in addition, in addition, the company collects income from commissions. The company also offers services regarding virtual currency wallets that customers can use online and offline. They are based on cryptographic structures using the public key mechanism. The funds on the wallet balance are owned and managed only by the owner of the money directly.

The Estonian environment is extremely favorable for new companies and for the development of existing ones, regardless of their field of activity. The cryptocurrency area is also booming and flourishing here. Despite being a small country, it is a powerful alternative for jurisdictions such as Switzerland or Malta.

Asking Price: On request

For details:

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NOTE: to receive the name of the bank and complete DD file, NDA should be signed and Buyer’s Passport & Proof of funds should be presented.

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