Ready-made company on Madeira with bank account for sale

Ready-made company on Madeira with bank account for sale

Company on Madeira registered in 2017.
Company type: Lda.
Previous activity: rent of bikes and cars.

Bank account in Novo Banco SA.
Company has a VAT number.

Company has no debts/negative background.

Authorized capital of the company is 6000 Euro.

Company has been dormant since 2021.

VAT number will be restored within few days, bank account will be restored within 1-2 weeks.

Tax regime:

This is a regular Portuguese Limited Liability Company (Lda) with normal income tax rate and HQ in Madeira (mainland Portugal).
The income tax rate in Madeira for regular companies is 11.9% for the first 25,000 Euro of profit and 14.7% for everything above (mainland Portugal 17% and 21% respectively). Tax on dividends 28%.

Company on Madeira with bank account transfer can be done remotely, bank requires personal visit or certified signature on bank forms with further legalization, or signature verified by Portuguese consulate.


Price for readymade company in Madeira includes:
legal address for the first year;
– first year of accountancy: includes all the necessary financial statements of the company for the Portuguese tax authorities, payroll up to 3 per month, invoicing up to 5 per month (invoicing processing through a licensed program (in Portugal all invoices must be issued through special programs certified by tax authorities Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira)), 100 movements per month, closing of the year, submission of tax declaration IRC Modelo 22, IES.

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