Eternity Law International Company for sale in Mauritius

Company for sale in Mauritius

March 13, 2023

Firm possesses a CY-subsidiary for PSP. Company in Mauritius for sale has an authorized capital of 20 thousand euros. It’s an established organization ready for operation by the new owner.

Ready-made company in Mauritius for sale: organizational and operational features

Company in Mauritius for sale offered to entrepreneurs’ attention has next-mentioned features and aspects of work.

  1. The main activity: dealer-operations with investments, orders’ acceptance connected with financial tools, exchange-services under the implementation of deals related to investments.
  2. Active accounts in Dixipay and Equalspay.
  3. Accounts in different PSP-systems: EpayGlobal, Neteller, Unlimitt, Eshelon and Skrill.

The necessary audit examination was carried out and accounting-reports were drawn up. Procedure of transferring its shares may last approximately 3 months.

Details: Telegram @law00mary


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Gediminas Avenue, 44A

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Hong Kong

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