Eternity Law International Ready-made company in Anguilla

Ready-made company in Anguilla

April 13, 2020

What is included:

  • Ready-made company in Anguilla,
  • Local bank account
  • Legal address

Cost: on request.

Anguilla is a group of islands in the Caribbean. Included in the UK. It consists of a large island of Anguilla, 5 km wide, 25 km long and small islands without permanent locals.

It is a self-governing territory.

Anguilla is the most suitable place for legal work with international partners. This is an offshore zone. There is zero taxation, a stable economy and legislation.

In Anguilla, excellent conditions have been created for the development of business. Owners of companies that conduct their business outside the island are not taxed.

No reporting required. To extend the offshore companies must pay a fixed fee annually, starting from the second year of existence.

For more than 15 years, corporate law (IBC) has been in force in Anguilla, protecting the interests of international commercial organizations. Regulates legal relations that arise in connection with the functioning of the company.

The state has a good reputation in world business. Offshore company owners are provided with legislative confidentiality.

Information about directors, shareholders and beneficiaries is not available to third parties. It is open only to registration authorities.

Copies of registries are located in company offices. Disclosure of information is punishable by fines. Confidentiality is important to protect assets.

Island law prohibits offshore companies from engaging with Anguilla residents. Activities related to real estate, insurance and banking services are prohibited.

To do this, you need an appropriate license.

International organizations have the right to open accounts in any bank, enter into agreements for the provision of professional business services in Anguilla.


In Anguilla, business is protected by the government. Laws are tax neutral. Here is a classic offshore. No income and corporate tax.

There are no capital gains tax, inheritance tax, corporate income tax and other forms of taxes. These are good conditions for creating offshore companies providing financial services and assets.

Anguilla does not limit the amount of registered capital. The proposed capital of an offshore organization is composed as follows: $ 50,000 is divided into 50,000 shares of $ 1 each.

Companies can issue nominal shares without par value. To register an offshore company, one person is enough. They may be the head and shareholder in one person.

There are no requirements for nationality and citizenship.

The meeting of the co-founders is held without fail, but with the frequency that they consider necessary. Meetings can be held from anywhere on the planet via video and other alternative means of communication.

The prospect of registering an offshore in Anguilla, and starting an international business, deserves attention. The cash cost of registering an organization is minimal.

Plus prestigious jurisdiction in the country. High investment safety guarantees.

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