Ready-made company in Aruba

Ready-made company with a bank account in Aruba

What is included:

  • Ready-made company in Aruba,
  • Local bank account
  • Legal address

Cost: on request.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is divided into several regional zones, one of which is Aruba.

This is a separate territory, which is characterized by key features of offshore zones, developed economic stability and the prevailing tourist infrastructure.

In order to register a new organization on the territory of Aruba, it is necessary to take into account the main regulatory legal acts, the main of which is the Regulation on Companies, approved in 1988.

This document was first mentioned the formation of a new legal form for legal entities – A.V.V.

This type of private company is completely exempt from taxes and has common features with a limited liability company.

The provision was updated with new legislative terms and rules. As a result, the entrepreneur is invited to create one of the proposed firms:

  • V. – an open limited liability company;
  • Stichting is a private equity organization with no shareholders;
  • V. – a company characterized by the features of a closed type LLC;
  • A.B.V. – Antilles closed company in the Netherlands.

The most attractive option for foreign investors is the last form, which suggests the most favorable tax conditions.


Before starting a company abroad, entrepreneurs study a number of factors that may affect their choice. The territory of Aruba has several advantages for creating a new organization:

  • affordable starting capital – from $ 1000;
  • the speed of the registration procedure, which is from 10 to 30 working days, depending on the chosen legal form;
  • non-residents of the country are exempted from foreign exchange control;
  • shareholders can be residents of any countries, there are no special requirements for them;
  • firms are exempted from the annual audit;
  • 100% maintaining trade secrets about an open bank account.


Aruba is considered an offshore zone of the classical type, where optimal conditions for opening a business are created for foreign entrepreneurs.

In order to create the most common version of the N.A.B.V. form, in which a businessman is exempt from paying taxes, the following factors must be taken into account.

  1. Mandatory presence of a minimum number of participants, which can be individuals and legal entities.
  2. The legal address at which the company will be registered is selected.
  3. The person managing the company is appointed.
  4. A constituent assembly is held.
  5. A company charter is being prepared, which is being translated into Dutch and coordinated with the Ministry of Justice.
  6. The authorized capital is formed.
  7. An action is issued for one of the participants in the meeting.
  8. Stamp duty is paid if a foreign corporation is created.
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