In our country, new rules are regularly introduce regarding the registration of a limited liability company. Now this procedure has become as simple as possible.

It was possible to facilitate the state registration procedure by introducing certain changes in the civil and tax laws. This favorably affected the reduction in the processing time associated with it.

Do not rush to conclusions regarding the fact that the procedure is very simple. Absolutely, all the same, it is necessary to first study all the subtleties and nuances of legal, bureaucratic rules.

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Please note that the process of creating a company remains quite time-consuming, requires that you be as careful as possible, and pay special attention at the time of collecting and preparing documents. Registration of a limited liability company carried out in just a few steps.

Analysis of the data that will be required to fill out all the papers. It is very important that all information prepared to fill out registration documents. So that all data is reliable and does not contain conflicting information.

It is very important to prepare important papers, which should contain signatures and notarized. Then these documents will be transfer to the state body.
You will also need to consider a new legal entity and make relevant information about it in the state register.


The first thing to do is analyze the information. Here it is necessary that all the founders identify and establish the following nuances:

  1. first you need to specify the name of the company in full and abbreviated form;
  2. indication of personal data;
  3. data on the person or group of people who will directly manage the registered company;
  4. information about each of the founders of the LLC;
  5. an indication of all types of activities that you plan to carry out in the future;
  6. the amount of capital of the company, a description of the share of each founder;
  7. Contact details;
  8. documents of the founders.


The next stage, which also needs to be pass for registration of the LLC, is the preparation of documents that can be transmit in both electronic and paper format.

Digitally signed documents include:

  1. charter of an LLC;
  2. statement on the establishment of the company;
  3. statement of tax system.


The state body transfers the data on the new legal entity to the appropriate structures and enters the company information into the USR lists.

Once the specialist has done this, registration will be considered completed. At the end of all the stages of registration of a limited liability company, you will be provid with an extract from the USR.


First, you need to prepare the data in order to fill out all the necessary documents. Then you need to draw up and fill out the documents and transfer them to the state body.

After the papers pass a thorough check, the information will be transfer to the tax, pension fund, and statistical structures.

As soon as the founder receives an extract from the body in his hands, he will be able to create a bank account and begin to conduct his activities.

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