IT Staffing Business with Fortune for Sale

The company was founded in early 2000. The company generates income from three sources: staff growth, SOW’s own development and technical recruiting. The company itself is located near the bay, but also has offshore offices in Hyderabad and Chennai.

Now, the staff of the firm has more than twenty employees who have signed contracts with the company for periods of 1 to 3 working years. In addition, the team of specialists in sales and marketing strategies includes experienced and high-class sales professionals from the States and one marketing specialist resident in India.

The company operates in the field of biotechnology and collaborates with renowned world leaders. The enterprise represents a unique opportunity to operate within Silicon Valley and be present there in person, or buy a ready-made project and expand the business further by managing it.

Recently, the company is engaged in a new practice of data migration, which can make it an assistant for global corporations such as Google and Facebook. This will contribute to the rapid growth of the company.

Immovable property: leased.

Asking Price: On request

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