Air Pollution Control Manufacturer in Maryland, USA

Air Pollution Control Manufacturer started in a small basement with team of only two people. It is now a successful company providing industrial customers with customized and high-tech solutions to reduce air pollution.

The company’s professional activity spans a number of industries, but the focus is the production of oxidants and specialized filtration equipment for industrial enterprises that need to reduce emissions or unpleasant odors generated during the production process. As a rule, such a need arises in accordance with international, local or federal rules and regulations. The company can carry out projects of high complexity that its competitors cannot cope with. The organization also specializes in the provision of replacement or repair services for obsolete oxidation and filtration equipment. Replacing and repairing aging or outdated equipment is a reliable source of stable income.

In recent years, the company has seen rapid growth, driven by factors such as diversification of products and professional industries, increased staffing through subcontracting. Thus, it helps to retain more qualified employees in the workplace and makes it possible to take on complex projects. The owner of the company predicts that the firm’s total revenue could easily double or triple over the next few years through the use of an effective marketing strategy.

More recently, the company has won several government projects, which has significantly expanded the horizon of professional opportunities. There is confidence that this source of profit will only increase in the coming year. The company can also now work with waste gas treatment and patenting various technologies for this process.

The owner decided to sell the business as his years are approaching retirement age. Thus, the owner of the company would like to bring the company to a larger market while he still has enough strength and health. The owner is interested in the selection of a buyer who was able to bring the company to a new level.

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