Exclusive offer:

  1. Swiss Limited Company (AG).
  2. Registered in Zurich in 1984.
  3. Bank account: Credit Suisse.

The company has the SRO-membership with the authorisation to engage in the business activity of financial intermediary.
Regulated by FINMA/SRO and published on FINMA website as a qualified financial intermediary.

License features:

  1. Manage assets on behalf of customers;
  2. Accept or hold on deposit assets of 3d parties and assist in the investment or transfer;
  3. Trade in securities and their derivatives, banknotes, coins, money market instruments, precious metals, commodities;
  4. Open FX, CFD and commodity trading accounts for customers;
  5. ICO allocations, Crypto Currencies trading/exchange;
  6. Credit transactions;
  7. Make investments as investment advisers;
  8. Hold securities on deposit or manage securities;
  9. Open bank/investment accounts for clients in Swiss & Liechtenstein banks.

Asking price: 285’000 Euro.

For details:

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