• The CIF was recently authorized by CySEC to offer STP Brokerage services on CFDs and hold clients funds/assets. The CIF has fully operational corporate and client fund bank accounts with EU credit institutions (UK and Cyprus) and is ready to on-board Clients!
  • Licenses for: Reception & Transmission of Orders, Execution of Orders.
  • It maintains bank accounts with CY bank (corporate account) and UK bank (corporate and client account). In the process of opening such accounts with additional Cy-based banks as well.
  • It currently employs people to meet its organizational requirements, including a complete Board composition with two Executive and two Independent, Non-Executive Directors. The Buyer may appoint an Executive Director upon agreement with further changes to the BoD to be proposed with the acquisition notification.
  • It has in place relevant agreements/arrangements to commence operations (i.e. on-board Clients):
  • White label agreement for MT4.
  • Agreement with an EU regulated LP which provides for the market risk transfer arrangements of the CIF to said LP and for the LP to assume responsibility and cover any negative balances that may appear in the trading accounts of the retail clients of the CIF.
  • Key financial details:
Description Amount
·         ICF contribution ·         Approx. EUR 40.000 – 50.000
·         Premium ·         EUR 395.000
(CIF contribution 125.000 included)
·         CySEC Fees ·         Approx. EUR 3.500
·         Monthly expenses (incl. salaries) ·         EUR 20.000 – 25.000
  • Buyer may initially get 9% (does not require CySEC approval) and start on-boarding Clients given that the Seller agrees.

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