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Platform based on Blockchain technology for sale

June 25, 2021

A new type of financial platform for sale is being offered. The platform aims to meet the needs of the new digital era by facilitating remittances, cross-border payments, personal loans and lucrative investments through the latest blockchain-based applications. This platform with cross-border payments combines innovations through which it creates one of the most essential and powerful financial instruments for the new digital age.

Platform with Blockchain technology for sale

Through this opportunity, it is possible to facilitate the use of local currencies within each country where they were created. This is done by helping users who do not have bank accounts to enter a new era of digital security, and by providing debit cards and banking solutions, which gives users the opportunity to enter a new and disruptive financial investment market such as, digital assets, lending and loans from different geographic regions, crowdfunding investments, and more. The remmitance platform for sale can additionally integrate cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, BCH etc. It works with major local currencies, in particular EUR, USD, ARS, PEN, COP, MXN, BOB, BRL, CLP, PYG and CNY, which act as fiat currencies.

Platform based on the DFE solution, was created and developed to partner with 40+ local regulatory banks, PSPs on 5 continents and EMI so that local users can be financially free and have access to financial solutions regardless of their location. This was done through the blockchain in each transaction.

Why do you need to invest in Blockchain technology platform for sale?

• All options in one platform. Platform brings together all the powerful and essential platforms on the market in one solution.
• Subsidiaries and local presence. Platform owns all local companies, which eliminates the need for intermediary companies and is present on five continents that are owned by the same holding company.
• Many users were attracted for a long time.
• Licensed activity. Now, platform is already in the process of acquiring licenses in jurisdictions that have regulatory requirements.
• Partnerships. Platform has been tested by various partners and has undergone comprehensive expertise in order to operate globally.
• Platform develops its own projects and technologies within the company.

To date, sellers have registered about 179 thousand users. All users belong to different nationalities, despite the fact that we have a legal constitution in 18 states. This is the reason for the growth of our user base and the constant progress of product.

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