Kahnawake gambling license

Kahnawake gambling license

Gaming Kahnawake Commission is the official regulator of the province near Montreal, Canada. Licenses for gaming operators from the Gaming Kahnawake Commission are an integral part of the gambling business. Licensing and regulating online casinos and poker rooms.

In addition, the organization is responsible for the release of new game developments. The organization’s servers host many internet casinos throughout North America.

The Commission makes the following requirements to the operators of the gaming market:

  • use of high-quality gaming programs;
  • ensuring a safe and loyal game;
  • legal guarantees for payment transactions;
  • uninterrupted payment of winnings.

In case of a license request, the Gaming Kahnawake commission verifies:

  • availability and operation of licensed software in the background;
  • cooperation with independent audit companies;
  • guarantee of cash payments in all countries where the game coverage is available.

The term of the license issued by the organization lasts two years. A small fee is charged annually for using the services of the commission.

The Commission has the right to revoke the license at any time if violations of the requirements or suspicious activity involving fraudulent transactions were noticed on the part of the operator. The banner posted on the casino website indicates the presence of all documents that allow the activity of the institution.

For all additional questions regarding the license, please contact the experts of Eternity Law International.

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