Residency in Latvia

On May 1, 2004, Latvia became one of the countries of the European Union. This is one of the most beautiful Baltic States, which is located along the eastern shores of the amazing Baltic Sea.

High level of economic freedom and low rates for taxation

The tax collection system in Latvia is truly incredible. Latvia is in an honorable second place in the international index that measures tax competitiveness. This speaks of the uniqueness and the most advantageous optimality of the Latvian tax collection system. The index of economic freedom of Latvia is 71.9, which puts this state in 32nd place among the world’s freest economies.

Latvia’s very open economic field

A massive recovery in GDP is forecast for next year as economic activity picks up. High demand and low interest rates are expected. All this will favorably contribute to investment in business structures.

Basic Provisions Regarding Latvian Residence

  • The time that this procedure will take: from 3 months to six months. European residency can be obtained within a period ranging from 3 months to six months. Therefore, for investors, this is the fastest and most affordable option today.
  • “All inclusive” – ​​95 thousand euros, that is, total expenses – 45 thousand, capital investments in the amount of 50 thousand.
  • By investing in reliable projects, you open up the possibility of obtaining a residence and a good, stable profit in the future.

Full package

Calculations and action plan for the All Inclusive package for 95 thousand euros

  • Invest at least 50 thousand euros in capital in one of the firms recommended to you by a lawyer.
  • Pay for an application for specialized legal assistance.
  • Some additional costs may apply.
  • After your application is confirmed, you will be required to pay a government fee.
  • After the issuance of the residence, you will need to pay the law firm the remaining amount for the provision of services.
  • If confirmation is not received, the investment will be returned to you.

Thus, even if you receive a rejection, you will lose only a small amount. Specialized lawyers will accompany you every step of the way.

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