Buying property on Bali in 2023

Buying property on Bali in 2023

Bali is an attractive island not only for recreation, but also for investments in estate. Consider how buying property in Bali safely to avoid mistakes.

Real estate in Bali for foreigners

Many people from other countries, deciding to buy a house in Bali, think that just a local representative is enough. But this is very risky, since a local nominal owner can easily intercept property, and in this case a foreigner is completely powerless in matters of protecting himself and investments. How safe is it to buy real estate?

Great option for foreigners to invest in local real estate is the services of a specialized company that will help to issue all the required certificates and obtain a license.

Businesses for sale in Indonesia

Process of investing 

To obtain a permit to build or use a building, you will need to take several important steps.

  1. Sending the appropriate forms to BPN requesting a home certificate, incl. all selling documents.
  2. Proof of acquisition and eligibility for Hak Guna Bagunan or Hak Pakai.
  3. Obtaining a building permit PBG. BPN will issue a reference for your business.

Why is it dangerous to buy land in Bali through local representatives

Since foreign businesspersons are not allowed to buy ownership land, many investors from other countries think that they should use the services of local nominees. Even if you have complete confidence in your representative, it is better not to buy land in his name.

Relationships with a trusted person can deteriorate at any time. Divorce, death, quarrel – in such cases, third parties may also appear, for whom it is more profitable to take possession of your property than a representative. A trustee does not always have positive intentions, and there will be no evidence that the acquired property is yours, so you are unlikely to be able to protect your interests. In the worst case, you can lose all investments, so a trustee is not the best option.

Interested in how to buy a villa in Bali?

The only effective way in which citizens of other countries can confidently and safely invest in real estate or acquire land in Bali is to cooperate with a specialized company that knows all aspects of registration, registration and licensing of such purchases. Property that is owned by a foreign person cannot be freehold property, but a building permit and a use permit give you the clearest legal basis.

If you register a PT PMA, you can protect your own investment and have enough time to either use the property yourself or sell it to a new person.

Professionals who have been working in our company for many years will help you with advice on buying property in Bali and how to protect your funds as much as possible, through the study of legal objects through clear due diligence, custom draft legal documents and drafting legal documents.

  1. The study and proper analysis of the acquired property will help to understand its historical origin, make an accurate assessment of its condition and prevent disputes in the future.
  2. We also develop a legal text or a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as a basis for cooperation.
  3. Specialized services for the execution of acts, registration or legalization of all documents and obtaining land certificates will help save not only time and money, but also nerves, because our experts will do everything in the best possible way, and you can be sure of their authenticity and effectiveness.
  4. We will help you legalize the building in accordance with its purpose.

If you want to get Bali property for sale, but still do not know how to proceed, please contact our consultants. We will provide you with comprehensive professional support, as well as offer many ready-made companies for sale. Contact us and see how easy and safe real estate investing can be with the assistance of real experts.

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