Gaming License in Malta or Curacao

Gambling license in Malta or Curacao – an urgent issue when opening a gambling establishment. In order to work legally, you need to get a license. However, such a document is not issued in all fear.

Leaders in this matter are Malta and Curacao. Both countries have excellent conditions for obtaining permission. Let us consider in more detail what are their differences.


There are not many countries where gambling is permitted. One of the most popular is Malta. A permit issued in this jurisdiction allows you to enter the European gaming market.

Our company provides assistance in acquiring a gaming license in Malta. But it is important to understand that obtaining such permission is not an easy task. The country holds this issue under serious control.

We list the main indicators of the Maltese license.

  • The supervisory authority carries out a serious check during the entire time of registration.
  • If the recipient has no experience in gambling in other countries, this will be a reason for refusal.
  • Large costs of cash for a permit.
  • Long procedure for receiving. On average, it is 6 months.
  • Extensive set of documents required for applying.
  • Mandatory initial capital cannot be lower than 40 thousand euros.
  • The minimum number of founders is two. These conditions are mandatory.
  • Permission is not suitable for all types of gambling activities.

It follows that this type of license is suitable only for those companies that have already worked in the gaming business and have certain experience and knowledge. This permission is used by casinos to enhance their reputation and status.

We have been engaged in the provision of services in the field of gambling for a long time. Our professional lawyers will consult and answer all questions in detail.


Gaming license and its acquisition is the main place in working with online casinos. Our company advises a closer look at the permit that is being conducted in Curacao.

It has become very popular due to the large number of advantages.

  1. A clear and fairly easy procedure for obtaining.
  2. Any kind of casino service is available on it.
  3. The cost of a license is lower than in Malta.
  4. If you have a full package of documents, the processing time will take a couple of weeks.
  5. The required set of documents is much smaller.
  6. With this license, the owner has access to the gaming services market in Europe.

Based on the above points, the permission for the gambling business in Curacao is the easiest to issue. And by opening a licensed business, the owner receives the full trust of customers.

We are ready to provide proven and clear services to assist in obtaining a license. Our company is based on experience with this sphere and Eternity Law International specialists will be happy to рrovide you with assistance in resolving this issue.

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