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E-wallets in 2020

July 3, 2020

E-wallets in 2020 are an urgent issue. An e-wallet is an analogue of a regular bank account and cards attached to it: there can be one or more of them.

The difference between a regular bank account and an e-wallet is that a classic account allows you to use real funds, and an electronic one only allows virtual assets, among which are your cryptocurrencies.

The tendency to increase E-wallets in 2020 makes the adoption of the law important, and we believe that in 2020 it will be adopted and resolve the current situation.

In existing realities (there is no law yet), the main function of an e-wallet is to make payments for services or goods, bypassing the standard banking system.

This gives the potential to perform operations much more efficiently, while preserving some illusion of a namelessness, but experts on electronic assets disagree with this thesis.



  • user identification at will;
  • lack of limits;
  • the ability to pay using the API;
  • various replenishment methods;
  • anonymity, in the absence of identification;
  • inaccessibility of blocking user wallets;
  • the presence of a payment card;
  • benefits of affiliate service (special conditions from the system);
  • the presence of a referral program.


Conditions imply the presence of:

  • multicurrency wallet, currency exchange, virtual and real plastic cards;
  • the ability to transfer funds to different countries (there are more than 200 in the list);
  • simplified registration;
  • support for different currencies;
  • several options for replenishing funds using non-cash payments, online banking and e-money;
  • many methods of withdrawing finances using Mastercard, Visa, payment systems and exchangers;
  • the ability to pay for mobile telecom operators;
  • the ability to pay for a purchase or service without paying a commission and withdraw cash in any city in the world;
  • advanced tech support;
  • the safety of operations.


It is distinguished by the following conditions:

  • high user popularity ($ 2 billion is a turnover);
  • a small commission (0.5%) when identifying an account;
  • the ability to make payments via the Internet in the required monetary units;
  • multilingual interface;
  • availability of replenishment options through exchange offices and e-vouchers, transfers through a bank and BTC;
  • increased anonymity;
  • special agreements for users of the corporation;
  • decent level of technical support service.


It is characterized by the following conditions:

  • more than 500 thousand customers from more than 100 countries of the planet;
  • annual transactions of more than 100 million;
  • the absence of restrictions on mass payments, using, e-mail, phone number or wallet;
  • the ability to replenish the account with tokens, through bank transfers, the use of a payment system or plastic cards;
  • a simplified procedure for withdrawing money through the EPayments system, using Visa, Maestro or Mastercard cards, to a bank account or Yandex money;
  • availability of currency exchange options, without the use of inevitable identification;
  • issuing to all customers a Mastercard – universal, which allows you to pay for goods without interest and cash out when traveling around the world.

The accounting department of the company must compile quarterly, annual financial reports and provide declarations to the tax service. Contact us for more information.

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