Choosing the European bank

If you already have a working company in Europe, then you are suitable banks that are located in Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Banks in these jurisdictions love working businesses, love to look at customer statements, and explore the financial origins of funds. And also the fact that the client has experience in the relevant field.

Swiss banks prefer to work with experienced clients and have a very negative attitude towards beginners, who especially have signs of shell companies. Also, the Swiss banks in recent months are taking only companies with direct control and management.

If the size of your assets has exceeded $ 1-2 million, you will get out of competition a level of convenience and service, as well as personal support from the bank branch management.

Today, Swiss banks are banks, recognized leaders in cooperation with private capital. Now the Swiss banks do not have any problematic situations with the authorities, which distinguishes them favorably from the banking structures of other jurisdictions.

A similar situation exists with the banks of Hong Kong.

Historically, the right business approach and customer relations has emerged, even when a group of businessmen from England was able to open a banking structure in Shanghai and Hong Kong so as not to be dependent and not keep accountable to British banks and the UK tax service.

Banks of Switzerland and Hong Kong became the first popular states that began to open accounts for offshore companies to customers, when they had not yet invented such a thing as “offshore”.

To this day, the banking services of Swiss banks are independent of government bodies, including US and Swiss, and this can easily be explained by the fact that a number of Swiss banks have their own “banks” throughout the world that historically are based on industrial and commercial capital.

Swiss banks compares favorably with other representatives of banking groups. A small addition to a number of banks in the form of “Private Bank” suggests that the banking structures of such specialization have a focus on serving wealthy clients, including reputable banks, at the highest possible level.

In addition, nuance, there are also other advantages.

We offer an exclusive and unique product to help you get all the competitive advantages in your business right now.

Also, for business projects whose turnover is up to one hundred thousand dollars, we can offer CIM Bank in Switzerland – it is the base for starting work in Switzerland. Or, we can recommend Bendur Bank (formerly known as Valartis Bank) to you in Liechtenstein.

Another good option is the Luxembourg East West United Bank. In all the above named organizations there are much less requirements for the minimum balance – up to thirty thousand euros. At the same time, here is the most convenient interface for controlling multi-currency accounts through web banking and the code generation tool Digipass.

Opening bank accounts with Internet banking for offshore and low-tax companies in the European Union.

For assistance in choosing the best bank for your business, contact our specialist.

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