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Administrative advocate

July 11, 2019

Eternity Law International law company offers legal entities and individuals protection of their rights in cases of administrative offenses.

Professional assistance of advocates will be needed if some people want to bring you to administrative responsibility. This can happen in cases where the administrative offense concerns certain points.

  1. Property encroachment;
  2. Disputes with government agencies;
  3. Violation in industry, construction, transport;
  4. The offense is related to corruption;
  5. Encroachment on public order and safety.

You should contact the representatives of Eternity Law International for advice as soon as possible. Experienced specialists will promptly help solve a difficult situation in the best possible way. The organization’s advocates offer the following services:

  • initial consultation;
  • comprehensive analysis of a disputable situation;
  • defining tactics of protection and its coordination with the client;
  • collection of evidence necessary for the defense;
  • representing the interests of the principal in the bodies considering cases of administrative offenses.

The company’s advocates defend the client’s interests in the National Police, before the administrative commission under the executive bodies of city councils, in courts of general jurisdiction, and in state financial control bodies.

And also in the Central executive body, which implements the state policy in the field of labor protection and other local government and state authorities.

The case of the administrative responsibility of a citizen is considered in accordance with the rules of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses. The norms of this normative document give the defender the right to use a wide range of possibilities and tools of the procedural order.

Our lawyers are empowered to collect the necessary evidence. In the trial they can summon and interrogate people who took part in the drafting of materials about the offense, as well as witnesses.

In addition, an advocate can initiate a special forensic examination. As a result of the work  the advocate effectively protects the rights of clients.

It should be noted that Eternity Law International employs narrow-profile lawyers who specialize in cases of administrative offenses. In addition, the company’s lawyers provide defense in criminal proceedings in cases of administrative offenses.

Very often many people have to deal with administrative offenses. This also applies to ordinary citizens, businessmen and high-ranking officials.

Only an qualified ad can help to understand all the nuances of the current situation, to achieve a fair decision.

Eternity Law International attorneys are guided by such important components of successful activity:

  • a responsibility;
  • professionalism;
  • focus on results;
  • confidentiality.

Human rights defenders of our organization will provide assistance in solving problems that relate to business. This can be, for example, debt collection, reputation protection.

There are often controversial issues related to various fines and sanctions. These documents may come from representatives of the National Police, customs or financial control, border or migration services, city or village councils. And also from the bodies of road transport, administrative commissions.

An experienced administrative advocate will help:

  • avoid unlawful penalties;
  • minimize or avoid punishment in a legal way.

A qualified lawyer will defend the rights and interests of the client who applied to him in court. It aims to resolve the client’s case in the best possible way in favor of the latter.

Many people do not know what specific assistance lawyers can provide in cases of administrative violations. So, human rights defenders consult clients. If you have a difficult situation regarding offenses, please contact our specialists.

In addition, advocates draw up written opinions, provide a legal assessment of the situation and the circumstances of the case. These specialists are competent to determine the legal position, as well as the tactics of protecting the client.

Advocates collect evidence that relates to the case. In their sphere of activity – to interview witnesses of the incident. Further, the advocate represents the interests of his client in the body which is considering the case of an administrative offense.

A human rights defender can prepare and submit documents such as a complaint, petition, statement, expert opinion, explanation. He has the opportunity to appeal against the actions of officials.

In addition, advocates guarantee legal support in court and other instances. Moreover, this support will be provided at all stages of the consideration of the client’s case.

And one more important nuance. So, each case of an administrative offense has an individual character.

Eternity Law International attorneys pay special attention to specific details that are inherent in a particular case. Thus, advocates practice an individual approach to the client. Thanks to the basis of fruitful cooperation between a lawyer and a client, an effective result is achieved. To get a consultation.

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