Money management in 2020

Money management in 2020

Money management in 2020 – first of all, it is necessary to determine jurisdiction.

Managing organizations, brokers, trusts, investment funds and foreign banks, after opening foreign accounts, offer a variety of services to persons with personal assets with high rates.

Despite the fact that in the country where you live, the use of similar services is impossible, risky or necessary to spend a lot of time opening such accounts in financial centers abroad, you will receive much more high-quality and with a great advantage services.


To ensure the free entry of capital into funds and trusts, Cyprus is perfect. In our list, the island is the first. This is one of a number of proposals in the European Union where you can manage your position in the European financial market.

Cypriot banks are well aware of funds and trusts that are registered in offshore companies. They do not withhold taxes on interest from the operation of such financial companies that are paid by non-residents.

Facilitates communication in English, which is not official in the country, but many are fluent in it. The minimum deposit amount to get started is the lowest in the proposed list of countries and amounts to 70,000 €.

Clients, of course, can use the Internet, have mobile access to financial services. Cypriot banks can provide you with a Mastercard debit card.

You can use single-currency and multi-currency bank accounts.

You will need to come to the bank yourself after the approval of your account, and in your free time you can have a wonderful little vacation on the island, see a lot and have a good rest.


Safe money management in 2020 in the UAE, is a financial hub in North Africa and the Middle East. There are two very large world financial centers in the country – in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Global Market.

To manage your assets in the UAE, we offer you:

  • open an account for savings;
  • credit cards, multi-currency for payments;
  • organized deposits;
  • joint funds;
  • purchase and preservation of precious metals.

You can open an account in the UAE after visiting the bank, in just 7-14 days. One of the languages ​​officially used in the UAE is English, which makes communication much easier.


The stability of the political and economic spheres of Singapore makes the country another large enough and popular global financial center for banks to perform offshore processes.

The combination of financial stability and the use of the latest technologies in servicing private banks, customers, and the absence of taxes make Singapore the main contender in the Asia-Pacific sector to increase your wealth and control it.

In Singapore, we work with a number of banks, all of them offer their own type of accounts for working with finance, their difference is in professionalism. The minimum deposit may be $ 150,000 – $ 200,000.

An account is opened from 7 to 14 days, with a payment of 1,500 €. Standard services for any account are

Internet banking and mobile banking are among the foremost in the world. In the banks of Singapore with which we cooperate, you can use a multi-currency account.


Despite the clashes over political disagreements in 2019, Hong Kong is a safe and comfortable state. The presence of a huge financial center in Asia has made Hong Kong a fairly popular country on our list.

His banks offer their customers a wide selection of investment and insurance products, where there is no currency control.

English is one of the official languages ​​in the state, which facilitates customer service by banks.

Hong Kong – for clients with great wealth and investment services.

You must personally open an account when visiting a bank, but it is still profitable. In addition, it may happen that, emerging from a pandemic, Hong Kong banks will be able to provide foreign customers with the opportunity to remotely open an account.

The minimum deposit in the country is 1,000,000 Hong Kong currency ($ 130,000). An account is opened in no more than 4 weeks, and costs will be from 4,000 €.


Luxembourg is perfect for investors. Banking is the basis of the state’s economy, next to which France, Belgium, and Germany are located.

The combination of this and the country’s modeling of its German financial system according to the German model allows Luxembourg to receive a reliable, stable and significant range of financial services.

The absence of any prohibitions for non-residents on their bank accounts makes the country one of the easiest in Europe to manage their wealth.


If you want to manage assets for a long time, you should choose Gibraltar. it

British overseas territory with a center for servicing private banks.

To diversify your investments and gain access to quality services in managing assets and brokerage accounts, this option is an ideal solution for the behavior of banking operations.

In Gibraltar, we partner with a bank that is familiar with family wealth investment, including foundations and trusts.

Officially, the state has English, and the local currency is the Gibraltar pound, which corresponds to the face value of the British pound. This allows the economy of such a small state to be quite stable.

To open an offshore account in Gibraltar, the minimum deposit is 500,000 €. You will need to come to the bank yourself, and after 30 days you will be able to use the account in your chosen bank in the country in €, $, Swiss francs, pounds sterling.

However, bank cards will not be available to you. Gibraltar is an incredibly profitable option.

The accounting department of the company must compile quarterly, annual financial reports and provide declarations to the tax service. Contact us for more information.

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