US International Bank Licenses for sale

US International Bank Licenses for sale

This offer contains US International Bank Licenses for sale. One of the unique world jurisdictions, which actively issues banking licenses of an international format to everyone, is Puerto Rico – the territory of the United States. If you are looking to open a new banking institution, Puerto Rico is one of the best options.

First, let’s explain a little what is meant by an offshore bank licensed in Puerto Rico. This is a banking institution that has the right to serve consumers from the United States or any other country. The only thing this bank cannot do is provide services to local people who live and work directly in Puerto Rico.

Of course, the use of the Puerto Rico license for the provision of financial services also has its limitations. Since Puerto Rico is a US territory, US sanctions rules apply. For example, residents of Venezuela will not be able to open an account with such a bank.

In addition, Puerto Rico offers a favorable tax rate of only 4%. This is very beneficial for entrepreneurs. There is also no tax on dividends received by foreign companies. Another thing that sets Puerto Rico apart is the simple process of obtaining a license. It is more accessible there than, for example, in Cayman or Dominica.

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