Eternity Law International Holding Group Company on Cayman Islands for Sale

Holding Group Company on Cayman Islands for Sale

April 24, 2023

Structure with high income and excellent prospects. This proposal has a lot of benefits for the interested investor, since it involves minimal risks and the stability of the company’s internal commercial environment. The company is already established in the market and has its own anchor in the form of good profits. Thus, a holding group company in the Cayman Islands for sale opens up many opportunities for the investor.
For the annual period, the total turnover of the group is about 60 million. This is confirmed by all the necessary financial statements. The offer to buy a holding group company in the Cayman Islands includes the following structures.

  • CYSEC STP license – market maker upgrade offer has already been launched (regarding the increase in starting capital). The firm has accounts with Invest Bank Bulgaria and Eurubank. In addition, the company has an EMI account at its disposal, which functions for corporate purposes. Two credit card processing partners and three liquidity providers.
  • Vanuatu. The firm maintains corporate accounts with Pacific Bank Vanuatu, EMI and UK Ibans for clients. Two liquidity provider partners and five for credit card processing. The company is licensed as a crypto processor and can also make payments in fiat. MT5 license permission that owns and maintains all structures of this group.
  • Mauritius. The license permission has been approved and is currently in the activation phase. The license is expected to be ready by September. The firm maintains a corporate account with AFRAsia, three EMIs and UK Ibans for clients. Five partners for credit card processing. Crypto processor and transactions in fiat.

The Group has its own paying agents and local offices.

Details&price: @elizabeth_krotiuk

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