Eternity Law International Respectable Manufacturer in the USA for sale

Respectable Manufacturer in the USA for sale

September 6, 2020

This company is a respectable and profitable manufacturer with a production facility located in the southeastern United States. The company is sold in full in order to be able to maintain the liquidity of each of the shareholders. The organization has a friendly team of professional managers, has a continuous cash flow and has broad prospects for possible growth. All of the above makes this company an ideal source for potential buyers who want to expand their business boundaries to the southeast, as well as for investors who are looking for stable capital platforms.

The company supplies engineering metal components (including complex structures, stampings and tools) to OEMs. The process of cooperation between the company and the client begins from the moment of direct creation, includes production stages, and ends with quality control operations. This method is called turnkey. This approach makes consumers more loyal, which helps increase profits and open up new opportunities for scale-up. The company serves a variety of markets, including electric power products, specialty equipment, instrumentation, telecommunications and more.

The company is staffed with experienced employees and representatives of the management sphere. In total, the company employs 50 employees with extensive professional experience in the relevant industry. The nearest peak in the development of the enterprise is planned for 2021, since all additional production zones will be leased, and the latest equipment has been put into operation by the end of 2020. Potential marketing strategies focus on realizing higher margin opportunities that translate into profit margins.

The company is competitive and controls local sources of metal production, while continuing to develop and achieve greater success in its industry. It is preferable for the seller to carry out the sale for cash with the potential to roll over the equity participation by setting appropriate obligations. The current owner permits the work remotely and is not actively involved in normal day-to-day operations. For the fastest and simplest integration of the new owner, all the necessary manuals have been created and transmitted.

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