IT product for Sale

Location: London, England

This is an automated tool that uses artificial intelligence technology. With this marketing tool, many SMBs have been able to increase their income levels up to 400%. Using an integrated application and a sane user interface, the company was able to create a completely self-contained tool that does not require interaction from the consumer. In addition, this technology aims to ensure zero customer churn and 50% more customer engagement compared to other marketing methods. The application can segment the customer base and track the behavior of its representatives, which helps to create unique emails with the most relevant content for customers.

The main advantages of the company:

  • Business is 100% automated and does not require owner participation
  • Artificial intelligence technology allows you to segment the customer base as accurately as possible and use marketing methods most expediently
  • There is no outflow of paid consumers
  • Involvement of only half in automated marketing processes
  • Sales on average are constantly increasing by 30%
  • The business is highly scalable and has received all funding rounds

Funding is only available to qualified buyers.

Reasons for selling: activities in another area.

Staff: 5 specialists

Founded: 10+

Asking Price: On request

For details:

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