Change of director

As practice shows, the change of founders in most cases contributes to the dismissal of the head of the enterprise. We will dwell on this procedure in more detail. What does the concept of “change of director” mean and what is the motive for such a decision?

In order to change the director, it is not enough to have only the decision of the founders. You also need a tax notification and state registration.

The following factors may affect the verdict on the change of the leading person. For example, the CEO has plans to change his place of work (or his quality of work does not satisfy the top management, etc.).

In practice rotation does not always lead an enterprise to success. Everything will directly depend on the professionalism of the new manager and the willingness of employees to cooperate with him.

Director change procedure

At a meeting of LLC members,members decided to remove the current director from office? From this moment, regardless of the reasons and conditions, the director is obliged to endorse the order for his own dismissal.

The document contains the details of the minutes of the meeting or the manager’s statement of dismissal of his own free will. The document can be signed by a person authorized by the company or by the general director himself.

Do not forget about the settlement funds. To officially formalize the change of the head of an LLC, it is important to display the entire range of changes in the USR physical. and legal. persons of entrepreneurs.

Documents for changing director

The state registrar on behalf of the authorized person of the LLC is given a completed registration card. It has been amended regarding the change of the head.

Additionally, an original copy or a notarized copy of the commission’s decision on the dismissal of the current manager and the appointment of a new one in his place are necessary.

For a quick and smooth change of director, you need to collect the following documents.

  1. A document that confirms state registration.
  2. The company’s charter, if it contains the initials of the current manager.
  3. ERPOU (statistics reference).
  4. If available, a certificate in the form 4-OPP.
  5. If available – a document confirming registration with the FSS NVV.
  6. Copies of documents of the resigning person (IIN and passport) and the appointed person.
  7. Power of attorney confirming the legality of amendments to documents of the statutory type.

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