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Overview of British Virgin Islands Forex License

August 31, 2022

In 2010, a decade ago, the BVI FSC, a regulative authority the remit of which includes regulation, supervision, and inspection of the local sector of finances, introduced a set of formalities in respect of foreign exchange trading and investing, thereby becoming a standard-setter in regulation we see nowadays. This doesn’t mean that BVI is a pioneer in monetary services market supervision. Actually, since the 90s o the previous century, businesspersons have found the BVI to be a preferable center to form their businesses after being licensed. As for now, a British Virgin Islands Forex license is a great opportunity for foreign exchange brokers both with long history and newcomers seeking to enter an offshore market. Read on to figure out why brokers both large and small deem this self-governing UK foreign territory in the Caribbean to be the destination of choice for getting approved for operation.

Main peculiarities of a BVI Forex license

Many businesspersons decide to relocate to the Island to get licensed because:

  • The data on beneficiaries, shareholders, and senior management is 100% private and not disclosed to the public;
  • No taxation on capital returns and inheritance;
  • Meetings of senior management and shareholders can be taken place online;

Overview of the main requirements for an applicant

In line with the obligations set by the FSC, the legal entity can be formed with the authorised capital which varies from USD100,000 to 250,000. Entities must continually execute professional liability insurance obligations.

In respect of the entity structure, the conditions for getting a Forex license in the British Virgin Islands are as follows:

  • Necessary appointment of at least one shareholder;
  • Necessary appointment of two directors;
  • Necessary appointment of an auditor to conduct annual audits and submit statements to the authority;
  • Necessary appointment of a BVI agent to communicate with the authority.

Formalities for getting authorized

A list of official papers for getting the BVI FSC Forex license should be submitted by shareholders, senior management, and beneficiary owners. Generally, to obtain the BVI Forex Broker license, an applicant must collect the formal papers as follows:

  • duplicate of the government-issued identification document;
  • professional reference;
  • an entity’s articles or certificate of incorporation, by-laws, memorandum, and articles of association;
  • CV;
  • No criminal record certificate;
  • Bank and lawyer references;
  • Confirmation of high education (a diploma).

All official papers must be approved by a notary. It should be noted that the FSC while processing an application may ask for additional documentation.

Licensing timeframes

To obtain the BVI Forex Trading License, an applicant must pass through the next steps:

  • Formation of a legal entity.
  • Setting up an account in a BVI bank.
  • Collection of the documentation needed for an application.
  • Drawing up AMLCTF policies, internal control systems, and related internal and external guidelines.
  • Provision of the application to the regulative authority.
  • Acquiring the license if approved.

The time needed to acquire the license is up to 3-5 months.

If you plan to apply for your British Virgin Islands (BVI) Forex Licenseplease contact Eternity Law International lawyers for further consultation. Our offers include individual solutions subject to the legislation, budget, residency, and other peculiarities. Our lawyers will assist you to get licensed in the BVI and beyond.

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