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Obtaining а citizenship of Grenada

June 15, 2020

Obtaining citizenship of Grenada for the acquisition of real estate – recommendations and reviews. Even the global epidemic of Covid 19 from the Middle Kingdom is not able to interfere with obtaining the coveted citizenship of this country.

To do this, you just need to purchase real estate there for a total amount of 220 thousand US dollars. However, before investing in real estate, you need to get acquainted with the opinions and recommendations of experts.

For you, they were interviewed by journalists of one world famous publication.


In the Caribbean, there are more than 700 plots of land of various sizes. Grenada may be called one of the most wonderful and picturesque.

It perfectly combines architectural monuments created by man and incredible wildlife, whose sea panoramas, green forests, majestic waterfalls and comfortable sandy beaches immediately captivate with their beauty.

This incredible terrain can be admired for ages and explored throughout life. Already in the current, 2020 citizens of Ukraine,

Belarus received the exclusive opportunity to remotely issue a Grenada passport for a contribution to real estate.


Productivity. All requests are processed (confirmed, rejected, or returned to completion) in a minimum period of time – from 3 months to six months.

An alternative to include in the request family members (wife / husband, children, parents, brothers or sisters) without an impressive fee for processing and checking documents.

Visa-free travel with more than 13 countries. The list includes all the states of the European Union, China, Great Britain, Ireland and so on.

Scanty taxation. Grenada does not have inheritance, wealth, or profit taxes. It is also worth noting that personal income tax rates are minimal.

An investor can apply for a US business visa – E2, which makes it possible to move to America for permanent residence without negative tax consequences.

To obtain a passport, there is no need to visit the state, all procedures are carried out remotely, which is especially important during a pandemic.

Excellent opportunities for doing international business, due to the excellent location of Grenada, the country has wide horizons for doing business. From here, the most impressive economies of the globe are available, for example, such as the American and Brazilian.

The security of citizens. Grenada has the status of a member of the UN, which allows it to provide adequate political and social protection to its citizens. In addition, the local community is very friendly to the new subjects.

The bright future of the country’s economy. In recent years, the main activity of the state has changed its direction from agrarian to tourism. This brings tangible income in foreign currency.

Food protection. The state debugged production for export. The main crops sold include cocoa beans, nutmeg, bananas, cinnamon, oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits.

Personal piece of paradise. By investing in real estate on this wonderful island, you can come here at any time and take a break from worries and problems.


Local real estate experts say that the majority of holiday home buyers come from the Grenadian diaspora, who had previously left their homeland.

These people work outside the island and want to buy apartments or houses, to come here on vacation, and the rest of the time to receive rental benefits.

As usual, investors come here from the USA, Great Britain, Canada. However, the project on granting citizenship for deposits attracts new buyers from the countries of the CIS, Africa and Asia to Grenada.


Foreign citizens who wish to buy real estate in Grenada and obtain citizenship for this need a license permit to own a land plot.

Such a document costs 10% of the total investment price. In addition, a stamp duty of 1% is charged. It is recovered from the total purchase price when re-registering the right of ownership of property in Grenada.

Legal support of transactions, as a rule, costs 2%. Also worth mentioning is a 15% value added tax. It is exacted when new real estate is bought.

The official language used in Grenada is English. If the investor does not own it, translation services may be required.

East Caribbean Dollar is the official currency of Grenada. It is tightly tied to the US dollar. The exchange rate is approximately 37 US cents for 1 East Caribbean dollar.


In 2020, the Grenada authorities approved more than 10 projects, investing in which it is possible to obtain citizenship of this country. Kimpton Kawana Bay Resort is one of the most popular.

In addition to the famous brand, he is rich in his own prospects. The opening of the resort is planned in the next 2021. Great expectations are placed on it.

Kimpton Kawana Bay Resort is supposed to be not only a new and modern five-star resort, but also one of Grenada’s calling cards.

Upon opening, it will be managed by one world-famous operator, which also adds real estate prospects.

The accounting department of the company must compile quarterly, annual financial reports and provide declarations to the tax service. Contact us for more information.

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