Grenada Citizenship for Investments

Grenada Citizenship for Investments

Jurisdiction suggests persons made great contributions to country’s economical field to get citizenship-rights and enjoy all privileges residents possess. Obtain citizenship in Grenada may be performed as a token of gratitude for endowments to local growth.

Privileges offshore citizenship in Grenada possesses for persons who decide to contribute to country’s economical sphere.

  1. Visa-free-access entry to nearly 150 states.
  2. Official permission to apply for nonimmigrant visas.
  3. Possibility to pass these rights to kids, grandchildren, etc: it may cover adult brothers and sisters who are not married, parents, grand-parents.
  4. Binary citizenship-rights: allowed officially.

Grenada citizenship by investment

Officially partake in getting passports for investments in Grenada, people perform major endowments to country’s economical sphere. After these steps, via a complex background-check; the regulator may grant citizenship-rights to other-countries-citizens, incl. his/her family-members.

Getting Grenada citizenship investment, it’s needed to fully comply with all the standards specified in law. It’s imperative that you complete following steps:

  • min USD 150,000 for individuals;
  • buy real-estate that costs USD 220 and is part of official projects. Endowment of USD 50,000 acts if it is an individuals’ group.

Grenada investments citizenship

Persons follow a few steps. The individual mayn’t even be physically present locally. Whole procedure can be handled by competent specialist of our company.

We are ready to start collecting documentation for getting citizenship by investments in Grenada. Because of extensive expertise in handling such cases, we guarantee the minimization of failures and carefully examine prepared and generated documentation at all stages. Application’s sent: regulators review it for approximately 3-months-period and then send back a response. An identity card issued in ten days. We will pick up the document and send it to you in a convenient way.

With the help of our firm, you may buy passport Grenada being sure all efforts and endowments in well-being of jurisdiction will not go unnoticed. You will only have to wait for decision from governmental apparatus and enjoy your life without unnecessary worries and problems. The firm employs competent lawyers and economists knowing all intricacies and saving persons from unnecessary expenses on way to desired results.  Contact us and we will also offer you options for ready-made businesses for sale.

How much to invest in Grenada for citizenship-rights?

Persons make endowments of 100, 000 USD. State suggests several types of available sources.

How long is to get Grenada citizenship-rights?

Such procedure lasts no more than 4 months. We will help you optimize your time as much as possible.

How do I get citizen-rights in Grenada?

To do this, you must take part in getting citizen-rights via making material contributions to jurisdiction. Our specialists will answer all questions related to this aspect.

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