Jurisdictions for creating cryptocurrency exchanges


If you are in the process of creating a blockchain company, then you are faced with the task of choosing a jurisdiction to create crypto exchanges that will provide the right opportunities for success and profit.

In order to decide which jurisdiction to choose and which pros and cons exist, we examined the three most popular jurisdictions in the field of crypto exchanges.


Among the advantages of Malta’s jurisdiction in the process of registering a cryptocurrency exchange, it is worth noting:

  • the ability to regulate the process of creating a cryptocurrency exchange using the English version;
  • providing reliable state protection during registration and conducting business in the field of cryptocurrencies;
  • country stability in financial and political spheres;
  • loyalty of the financial regulator;
  • cryptocurrency exchanges in the jurisdiction of Malta have a high reputable and successful status;
  • income tax in the state of at least 5%.


One of the most popular and attractive jurisdictions in the field of cryptocurrency exchanges. Among its advantages it is worth noting:

  • moderate cost for registration;
  • fast registration process with obtaining a license;
  • legislative support;
  • loyal financial regulator;
  • no need to have EU citizenship;
  • lack of VAT regarding the sphere of cryptocurrencies; profits are not taxed;
    wide range of licenses.

Estonia is also the first EU jurisdiction to legitimize the work of the crypto sector and to legally organize and conduct ICOs based on blockchain technologies.

Among the advantages: a corporate tax rate of 0%, you can create a company remotely, a low level of bureaucracy and a low tax policy, as well as a non-resident of Estonia can become the owner / member of the board.


In Switzerland, cryptocurrencies and exchanges are legal, and the country has taken a surprisingly progressive stance towards cryptocurrency rules. Among the advantages it is worth noting:

  • the stability of the country, both in politics and in finance;
  • simplified procedure for registering bank accounts;
  • interest and loyalty of the financial regulator;
  • the financial regulator is mainly focused on the protection of foreign investors;
  • optimal taxation conditions.

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