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Blockchain Life 2020 Forum

February 20, 2020


The largest blockchain, cryptocurrency and mining event in Europe will take place on the innovative platform Music Music Dome.

April 22-23, Blockchain Life 2020 gathers 5,000 participants from 70 countries. Among them: businessmen from the crypto industry and classical business, investors, miners, blockchain developers, founders of innovative start-ups, government officials and all those who want to get acquainted with one of the most promising areas of our time.

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Within the framework of Blockchain Life 2020, it will be discussed: the development of the blockchain and its implementation in the business, an analysis of the actual methods of earning in the field of cryptocurrencies, trading and mining. An important task of the forum is to create a platform for dialogue between the industry community and government agencies.

One of the most anticipated events of the forum is an exclusive presentation by Ian Balina, a well-known blogger, blockchain entrepreneur and world-famous investor.

Among the forum speakers:

  • Ruslan Ensebaev (Vice Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan);
  • Joselit Ramirez (Head of the Republican Office of Venezuelan Crypto Assets, El Petro);
  • Sergey Khitrov (Founder of;
  • Anatoly Kaplan (Forklog Founder);
  • Arthur Azizov (Founder of B2Broker);
  • Alexander Borodich (Founder of Universa);
  • Rauan Hassan (VP TradingView);
  • Artyom Kalikhov (CPO Waves Enterprise);
  • Bulet Kaliev (Head of the blockchain laboratory Deloitte);
  • Nikolay Mukhanov (CEO S7 TechLab);
  • Alexander Treschev (Lawyer) and others.

Particular attention at the forum this year is given to networking participants.

Networking 2.0 is a unique developed application for networking between participants, which will start working a month before the forum. The application allows you to use the filters to determine the necessary categories of participants (for example, miners, projects, crypto traders, etc.) and their interests, and get acquainted with who is really needed.

At the forum itself, participants will find a format of Speed-networking, in the framework of which quick meetings will be organized, where everyone can talk about themselves and get useful contacts.

Two days of productive networking awaiting participants with top management of leading industry companies: Binance, BitForex,, Trading View, Huobi, KuCoin, B2Broker, Bitmain, Gazprom Neft and many others.

Choose your participation option now while tickets are available:

The organizer of the event of the year is, the world’s leading cryptocurrency listing agency, and, the international association for the development of the digital economy. The general sponsor is the cryptocurrency exchange. AfterParty’s general sponsor is, a liquidity and technology provider.

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