Swiss limitless money transfer, multi-function crypto & banking services company

Price: EUR 2.5 million
Est. 2019
Full asset management license (dual supervision)
Domiciles: Zug, Switzerland

User functions:

  • limitless user-to-user electronic money transfer
  • limitless Mastercard prepaid debit card solution
  • EU IBAN bank accounts, incoming and outgoing EU and international wire transfers
  • instant currency exchange (forex)
  • limitless cryptocurrency trading desk
  • Integrated secure cold storage crypto wallet

✓ Fully integrated with four banks for issuance of IBANs, debit card issuer, credit card processing and integrated fully automated AML-KYC system
✓ Already integrated with the Mastercard credit card processing company/debit card issuing company
✓ Users can register via the integrated automated AML GlobalPass system, top up by card or wire transfer, and use all the features of the platform including trading precious metals and more.


alexandra.bil@eternitylaw, Telegram @alexandraa001

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