Eternity Law International Swiss Asset Management/crypto Company for sale

Swiss Asset Management/crypto Company for sale

August 28, 2020

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

We are searching for new proprietor for LLC (Swiss Asset Management/crypto Company) situated in Zurich, one of the biggest budgetary focuses in Switzerland.

The association was made to do a wide scope of services identified with the financial sphere. The organization’s services are very differing: leading money related examination, providing asset management services, making and further working exchanging virtual sites with which you can direct nonstop exchanging digital money tokens, such as, bitcoin, just as do activities with fiat monetary means, for example, Swiss francs, US dollars and euros.

The company has the accompanying:

  • Membership in the SRO, which is constrained by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority;
  • Registration with FINMA as an administration organization;

As per authoritative acts, the organization can offer the following types of assistance:

  • Accept assets in the interest of and at the command of customers for the executives on the basis of a discretionary or non-discretionary conditions.
  • Conclude concurrences with banks and deal with customers’ assets that have been saved with the bank.
  • Provide financier and cryptographic money trade administrations. When carrying out the previously mentioned activities, the Company is permitted to keep customers’ fiat/digital currency for a limit of 60 days.
  • Open branches and auxiliaries in Switzerland and abroad, just as partake in mergers and acquisitions with different organizations, both inside Switzerland and abroad.
  • Purchase, sell and oversee real estate in Switzerland and abroad. The company can likewise give financing at its own or another person’s cost, just as give certifications and guarantees to auxiliaries and outsiders.

The new proprietor will get:

  • Commercial account with a Swiss bank.
  • Swiss telephone number.
  • Domain that closes in .ch

Several following advantages are:

  • No obligation, liabilities or unpaid assessments.
  • Perfect state of bookkeeping and tax records.
  • Clean client history.
  • Possible collaboration with foreign purchasers, investors and supervisors.
  • No commissions and extra costs identified with the deal.

Among the discretionary prerequisites, which are not mandatory, we feature the accompanying:

  • The Director and Compliance Officer must be occupants of Switzerland as per the arrangements of the pertinent enactment.
  • Conducting a financial review.

Necessities for a possible purchaser:

  • Due perseverance of investors.
  • Confirmation of presence of assets.

Asking Price: On request

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