Software Development Company For Sale

This business-structure, which is for sale, deal with the provision of software solutions such as B2B, various plugins and develops software for enterprises of different sizes and types of activities throughout the country. Firm specializes in providing software solutions in field of mortgage loans and healthcare structures.

Basic Provisions

  • A strong team of highly qualified specialists with a lot of years of professional experience both in software development industry and in field of mortgage lending.
  • An offshore work structure helps to ensure lower labor costs and competitive costs.
  • A software company is looking for a sales partner to bring the company to new markets.
  • The use of the SaaS model and the existence of multi-year contracts with customers are guarantors of constant profit streams.
  • High likelihood of repeat deals.

Pay attention to the next

  • Hire a manager who specializes in business development to help expand your market share.
  • Focus on HR. This is essential for the development of discipline and culture in corporate environment.
  • Expanding and growth of the firm can happen very quickly by investing in advertising means and increasing number of employees.
  • Invest in new investigations and involving of innovative goods based on artificial intelligence structures. This will help to compose solutions that are more popular.
  • Apply personal industry expertise to broaden company’s reach.
  • Engage in blossoming of new modules, which will allow you to service various LOCs and other software in the future.

The main office is located in Dallas, Texas.

Markets of activity: company sells software solutions for various areas in the USA.

Shareholders’ goal: the owner is looking for a strategic partner who could help develop and develop marketing strategies. The seller is open to transactions.

Asking Price: On request

For details:

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