Ready-made company in Antigua

What is included:

  • Ready-made company in Antigua,
  • Local bank account
  • Legal address

Cost: on request.

The business in Antigua is becoming more and more popular, as many want to buy offshore here. The favorable ground for this is the simplification by the state of doing business.

The simplicity of the procedure for registering a new company was reduced to such a level that it can be done only within a day.

These forms of companies can be registered in Antigua:

  • commercial corporation;
  • financial;
  • shipping;
  • with a direction to import or export;
  • holding and others.

Taxes on the island of Antigua

The tax policy in this island nation does not provide for the need for an annual report, regular meetings. The time for the meeting is chosen by the founders of the new company.

All documents are stored in the place that was chosen by the owners of the company, and not by the state.

The main bonus from the government for newly registered companies is tax benefits that last for 50 years.

This applies only to companies that profit outside the island, that is, earn in any other country except Antigua and Barbuda.

The following types of taxes are not levied:

  • gift tax;
  • withheld;
  • inheritance tax;
  • local income tax.

Offshore firms in Antigua do not require stamp duty. You only need to make a fee – a fee of 300 dollars.

Requirements for shareholders and nominee directors.

  1. Power of attorney.
  2. Protocol on their meeting.
  3. An agreement where the conditions for the director’s services are specified.


The main principles of taxation:

  • VAT works;
  • there is no tracking of currency circulation;
  • no capital gains taxation;
  • for legal persons income tax is 40%, but this rule does not apply to international multinational corporations;
  • profit rate – 0.00%;
  • for the registration of the company it is worth paying a state fee – 300 dollars;
  • for individuals 0.00% of income tax up to 36 thousand local dollars, if it is higher, then the rate will be in the range of 10-25%;
  • stamp duty is required.

Shareholder Information. Ready-made company in Antigua

Everyone can become a shareholder of the company here: both a resident and a legal entity. face. The main requirement for the company is the presence of at least one.

Information about the beneficiary is confidential, therefore it is not entered into the open registry, but is disclosed to an agent from Antigua.

Reporting on Antigua

There are no requirements for submitting reports on the work of a company in this state – there is no need for an annual report, audit, or filing an Annual Return. No membership in OECD.

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